What our clients are saying...

Max is playing basketball again!

Dr. Gavin Sangrey was recommended to us by our company as a local chiropractor since I am sitting 8 hours per day. He is incredibly thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. Dr. Sangrey will help stretch and adjust you but more importantly he provides plans and exercises you can do on your own for LONG TERM prevention and strength building. In just maybe 6 visits and 3 months or so I could feel a difference in my chronic lower back tension. He also helped me recover from a full groin/leg athletic injury and stay on the court during the process.

Mitch is squatting without back pain!

I came in to see Gavin with bad lower back pain. Since I'm a very active person, it was very debilitating for me. In just three visits Gavin had me back to full speed. Super happy I went to Gavin, and couldn't be any more pleased with my results.

Alyssa is section-hiking the Appalachian Trail!

I went to see Dr. Gavin because of a foot injury that started while I was on a hiking trip, and I felt so comfortable right away. He listened well when I explained my injury to him, and spent time manipulating my foot and teaching me exercises I could do on my own to help the healing process. He was knowledgeable, and took his time examining my foot and ankle. If you're in the market for a chiropractor (or even if you're not), I would definitely recommend him!

Matt is still without pain - months later!

Gavin treated me for an SI joint problem for which I had previously undergone physical therapy and seen another chiropractor. Unlike those treatments, Gavin took the time to carefully check my movement and biomechanics for any issues rather than immediately prescribing general exercises or leaving it at just a few chiropractic adjustments. He pointed out some specific muscular weaknesses he detected, showed me some great exercises to build strength, and sent me home with a plan to address the problem. Within a couple of weeks I was feeling noticeably better and have been able to stay pain-free!

Beyond that, he's someone who naturally makes you feel comfortable and listens to you rather than assuming he already knows what course of treatment is needed. I would highly recommend Gavin to anyone with an active lifestyle dealing with acute or long-term pain.

Joanna just won a local 10K for her age-group!

Dr. Gavin is excellent!  He truly cares about your well being and tries to get to the root of the problem.  He is very professional, a great communicator and knowledgeable. I came in with a running injury and after about a month of manual muscle manipulations, some adjustments, strength training and stretches, I was able to run well enough to win1st place at a 10k race! If you're an athlete looking to further your performance or heal from an injury, go see Dr. Gavin!

Taylor is back on schedule with her marathon training!

Dr. Gavin is very good. I've been weary of chiropractors in the past but he knows what he's doing. I had been training for a marathon and was  in the area and was having trouble with my calfs and tight hamstrings. He worked on them for a few weeks, worked with me on some strengthening exercises and knew what the root of the problem was. He's very friendly and personable to your needs. I'll be back!

Andie is back to box jumps!

Gavin with MoveMore Performance Health was awesome. He is knowledgable, professional, supportive, & genuine. I went to see Gavin when I injured my lower back, and he was able to get me in in a very short time frame which was great since I was struggling to get around on my own. After one session, Gavin had restored a significant amount range of motion back to my lower back and and provided me with alternative movement techniques to use at home as well. As a fitness professional, my ability to move is crucial, so I am very thankful for Gavin & his services. Never having been to a chiropractor before, I was unsure of how the experience would pan out, but am very glad to have gone and seen him. I would highly recommend Gavin for your any and all of your sports rehab & chiropractic needs!

James is pressing weights overhead without pain!

Dr. Gavin is awesome! As a competitive CrossFit athlete I have been having off and on pain in my shoulder whenever i lifted overhead. I tried some stuff I saw on youtube but then I went to my regular doctor who sent me to physical therapy for weeks and I still had shoulder pain. I went to Dr. Gavin and he watched me move my shoulder and press overhead (which the other physical therapists never did!) and then he explained to me how he thought my shoulder pain resulted from weakness in another part of my shoulder and core. He treated me with chiropractic and exercises for my shoulder which were different that what the physical therapists gave me. I am so excited to be out of pain and back to my normal self in the gym again!

Beth is running again!

I recently got back into running after about 1 year off. My body was not happy with me- especially my hips and knees. A friend recommended MoveMore Performance Health and told me about the holistic care she received from Dr. Gavin. I generally prefer female doctors but felt comfortable right away. Before doing anything, Gavin talked me through what his plan was and made sure during the treatment that I was doing ok. He did a running assessment to see if my running form was part of my issue and tweaked a few things. He let me know that one side of my body was stronger than the other side and recommended a few different one leg exercises to help strengthen the other side. I will plan on going back whenever I am in pain and need support. Gavin saw me for about 3 weeks and made it clear that he wanted me to be out of pain but not dependent on chiropractic care. I'm so excited that I am able to continue running and feel so much more confidence in my body's ability after seeing Dr. Gavin!!