Are you trying to stay active and healthy..

…but a nagging ache or pain is holding you back? Have you tried wait-and-see? Tried Advil. Tried online stretches. Yet it’s still there?

Maybe you’ve even gone to your PCP, gotten a referral for physical therapy or have gone to another chiropractor. But any relief you do get, doesn’t last

And most importantly, you’re not back to exercising regularly or being active.

Many of our clients have been “discharged” from physical therapy or tried conventional chiropractic care, yet are still not experiencing the long term relief that they expected.

Some of our clients have been told that they have “bad backs” and should stop lifting weights. Others have been told that being broken comes with age.

At MoveMore we’re are not in the business of telling you to avoid things. Instead, we want to help you build a framework for getting back to doing the things you love with increased confidence in your body’s ability to perform.

Over the last several years we’ve helped hundred of active adults get low back pain relief, continue to exercise and get back to the active lifestyle they value.

We helped a working mom with sciatica get back to playing with her 6 month old baby.

We helped a young professional with chronic low back pain get back to playing basketball.

And we helped another man with severe back pain get back to lifting heavy weights at the gym.

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Back pain - no matter the cause - can be downright debilitating. It can get in the way of everything from playing with your kids to exercising to being comfortable at work and everything in between.

Whether your back pain just started today or has been hanging over for what seems like forever, as a chiropractor in Salem, MA we will work with you to pinpoint the cause of your pain and build a plan for recovery. Your care at MoveMore will go above and beyond what you would typically expect from conventional chiropractic and physical therapy sessions. We work with you one-on-one for the duration of your session using the most up-to-date, evidence-based manual therapy and strength training practices to ensure that your relief is sustainable for the long-term.





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