Do you want to run faster with less injuries?


Of course you do! 

But a better question is how...?

Spend anytime searching around online and you'll find thousands of different strategies.

You got one guru suggesting lateral hip strengthening. Another saying you must have a midfoot striking pattern. One blog suggesting seven can't miss exercises, while another has nine.

With so much information telling you how to run faster and avoid injuries, how do you know what to focus on? What will be the highest payoff for your time and your running?

A private running coach can be one of the best, most efficient ways to troubleshoot and level-up your running. 


What can a running performance coach help with?


Optimize Your Form

Using video gait analysis and gait-retraining strategies, tackle your compensations, get out of pain and become a more efficient runner.


Build a Robust Body

Level up your body's running resiliency with strength training and performance coaching. 


Train Smarter

Upgrade your running routine with variety
and smarter training. Discover sustainable training and recovery methods designed to keep you healthy for the long haul.

Run faster and stronger than before.

Read how other runners are improving their running with our performance coaching


Dr. Gavin offered very helpful advice as I return to running after an injury. He gave me recommendations for how to improve my stride, strength training exercises, and a plan for increasing my weekly mileage moving forward.

Taylor H.


I have been very impressed with my coaching sessions with Dr. Gavin. We talked about my issues and possible causes and then he put me through some flexibility exercises followed by a review of my running form. I was very happy with the personal attention and not just cookie cutter exercises to help with my running issues.

Matt E.


I started working with MoveMore for a running injury and after a month of treatment and coaching, I was able to run well enough to place in my local 10K.

Joanna S.



What does performance run coaching include?

Our coaching begins with a comprehensive 2D video gait analysis and movement assessment. Those objective findings combined with your running/injury history, experience and training goals allow us to then build a plan moving forward. Sessions may include mobility and strength exercises, warmup/cooldown strategies, strength training, technique drills or speed workouts.

How is our gait analysis different than one you may receive at a running store?

A majority of running stores perform a running analysis for the sole purpose of getting you into a good shoe based on your ankle pronation. Our analysis takes a couple steps back and provides an in-depth snapshot of your running, mobility and strength as a whole. Our analysis are aimed at making you a stronger, faster runner.

Is performance run coaching available online?

Yes. We do provide online coaching via Skype and email support.