The essential guide to finding a great local chiropractor (1).png

When you decide to look for a new chiropractor, the process can be difficult. Salem has 11 chiropractors; the North Shore has 90+.

And here’s the thing:

We’re all different. Some stick to general wellness while others specialize in sports therapy, pediatrics or prenatal care.

And to make the process even more overwhelming..

You're not immune to the misleading advertising, exuberant treatment plans, confusing claims and simply bad information that is floating around.

This guide will lay out the things to consider and questions to ask before any prospective chiropractor, so you can make sure you’re not wasting time or money going down the wrong path.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why choosing a chiropractor based on who is the cheapest may actually be more expensive.

  • How to avoid the chiropractor who makes you go back for life.

  • Why xrays are rarely necessary - even though many chiropractors will require them.

  • The top mistakes to avoid when choosing a chiropractor (that’ll save you time & money!).

There’s no cost for the guide, and you can request a copy of the guide by filling out the form below.

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