Are you avoiding certain movements because of your shoulder pain?

Has simple pushing, pulling or lifting overhead become painful? Have you been forced to eliminate some exercises at the gym?

Maybe tried to self manage with rest, YouTube exercises and Biofreeze. But when those “old tricks” fail, you may get frustrated and paralyzed by the fear that this is the your “new normal.”

You’re not alone. Even our most successful clients have been where you are - unable to drive, reach or sleep without shoulder pain.

At MoveMore, we specialize at getting you back to using your shoulder without an injection, a daily dependence of Advil or trying to hide the smell of the Bengay at work.

Our approach is simple, yet extremely effective…

✔︎ Provide Sustainable Pain Relief - at MoveMore we go to the next level by identifying the root cause of your pain and treating that. This way, we keep your shoulder from becoming a chronic issue. Instead, you’ll be confident in your shoulder’s ability to perform moving forward.

✔︎ Increase Your Shoulder Mobility - nothing keeps your upper body moving efficiently and pain free better than having the full mobility of the shoulder. We’ll work with you to find ways to permanently increase your shoulder mobility so that when it comes time to perform you can be confident in your body’s ability to do so.

✔︎ Build Robust Shoulders - whether you want to throw your kids or a loaded barbell overhead, we’ll show you exactly how to bulletproof your shoulder for the future.

Don’t wait until an injection or surgery is your only option!

Get in touch with us today, and we can all your questions about your shoulder pain and detail your best options for moving forward (both here and elsewhere)

Looking for relief?

Get in touch with us today, and we can answers all your questions about your shoulder pain and your best options for moving forward.

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