We help active adults and athletes throughout the North Shore get out of pain and get back to the activities they love.


Most people dealing with pain want a solution that doesn’t require them to get an injection, rely on pain medications or stop being active.

So when “waiting it out,” Advil and YouTube stretches don’t work - it’s easy to get frustrated by the pileup of missed workouts, your lack of focus at work - and that overall feeling that you’re 15 years older than you actually are!

The problem with traditional chiropractic care is it’s a one-size-fits-all experience that falls short for any active individual. MoveMore Performance Health is different. We combine manual therapy (including chiropractic care) with movement and build a personalized, straightforward plan to help our clients get out of pain fast and enjoy sustainable relief in the future.

We’ve guided active individuals throughout Salem and beyond get back to running without knee pain, driving without sciatica, squatting without back pain, hiking without foot pain - you get the idea.

Our clinic is centrally located in downtown Salem, where we provide premier chiropractic care and sports therapy to active adults throughout the surrounding North Shore.


Chiropractic Care & Sports Therapy

We work with a broad range of individuals - all who are trying to live a more active, healthy life. So no matter where you are along your health journey, we can help you continue to move forward. Our chiropractic services can help you overcome: